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Tips for Bootstrapping your Internet Business

Image source In the current internet market, startup has gained popularity like never before. But not all startup entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have investors, who’ll help them with capital, right from the beginning. Often people need to bootstrap the business venture initially and then the investors barge in. Entrepreneurs need to have some traction…

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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Find a Cofounder.

Before starting up a company, the single most important thing the entrepreneurs think about is being successful and famous. But it’s not easy to be a CEO and founder altogether. Most founders don’t have the skills or interest or stamina to control all the aspects of a company. Most times the entrepreneurs seem to outsource…

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Importance of Having A Role Model for An Entrepreneur

Although an individual’s decision of becoming an entrepreneur is entirely personal, still it is often influenced by the behavior and examples set by others. Role models are important for almost all kinds of professions; however the importance of having a role model for an entrepreneur is immense as the person often derives ideas and inspiration…

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