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BuzzFeed Grabs the Interview with President Barack Obama

Interview with the President of United States, Barack Obama with BuzzFeed would mark the first of its time in an effort to appeal to its voters through Digital and online Media.

Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith of popular news and entertainment website BuzzFeed announced his first interview with President Barack Obama on Tuesday. He also said “It’s a nice tribute to the work my colleagues have done to take this place from an ambitious, zany experiment to one of the most ambitious new news and media organizations in the world.”

In January, Obama fielded questions from the three Youtube stars Hank Green, Bethany Mota and Glozell Green after delivering his 6th annual State of the Union address.The White House in recent days has taken the Online medium to post its latest budget proposal and text of the speech. President Obama he himself took the online medium for public discussion with “ask me anything” session in 2012

BuzzFeed, asking all of its readers for suggestions to ask questions to Mr. President, Barak Obama for their first Interview.

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