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Importance of Having A Role Model for An Entrepreneur

Although an individual’s decision of becoming an entrepreneur is entirely personal, still it is often influenced by the behavior and examples set by others. Role models are important for almost all kinds of professions; however the importance of having a role model for an entrepreneur is immense as the person often derives ideas and inspiration from the same.

Many entrepreneurs have accepted the fact that their business initiative was inspired by others. This “others” are no one but successful entrepreneurs who may be world-renowned like Martha Stewart, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs or may be family members, neighbors and even former colleagues. Having a role model in life surely helps us to define or set a mark where we’d like to be in a certain period of time. Human being love to delve into regions of comfort. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and act is not natural for us. Here comes the role of the role models, who inspires and gives courage to take the risk and leap of faith. One of the primary steps to become a successful entrepreneur is to think in a way which is a tad bit different from a normal person yet not totally bizarre. A role model helps you by guiding your thinking process. Their life will help you draw ideas about how you should be thinking from an entrepreneur’s outlook.

Starting up a new business can lead to many challenges which tend to de-motivate an entrepreneur. Role models help the entrepreneurs to come out of these situations and have an optimistic outlook towards the problems. The entrepreneurs often derive ideas or approaches towards a certain situation from their role models who have been in similar situations. They also help the entrepreneurs to adapt habits that will benefit them in the long run and aids them to think with a different angle which ultimately leads the entrepreneur towards a path of success.

Now the real question is: how does an entrepreneur choose his role model? The primary step in doing so is to detect your business interest. Decide what kind of person you want to become and accordingly chose a role model who has been on a similar path as you are. Try and select someone who has been through situations in the past, which you are likely to face in your course of action and try to gain inspirations from them. It’s not necessary to have a single role model. You can have multiple people inspire you. Try to follow their blog or writings regularly, it will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

Mark Cuban Success Role Model

Famous entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have had to go through a lot before they actually became successful. Jobs sought inspiration from Buddhism and Indian cultures during his earlier days. Mark Zuckerberg’s life is an inspiration in itself. He has faced a lot of controversies and challenges, and he has just decided to be there and fight him. His endurance is one of the key aspects of his super successful career.

Role models are present in every nook and corner of your life. Just keep a look out for anyone who you think can help you develop yourself as an entrepreneur. However, as the importance of having a role model for an entrepreneur is huge, so you might not want to be influenced by the wrong kind of person. Choose wisely and rip the benefits.


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