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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Find a Cofounder.

Before starting up a company, the single most important thing the entrepreneurs think about is being successful and famous. But it’s not easy to be a CEO and founder altogether. Most founders don’t have the skills or interest or stamina to control all the aspects of a company. Most times the entrepreneurs seem to outsource the management duties to others. But outsourcing or hiring employees to do the jobs requires more money, which is often not available to the founders. The same thing to do in such situations is to find a cofounder who will share responsibilities.

However, to find a cofounder can be a hectic job. The other person should have the same passion and interest in the company as the entrepreneurs. Two heads are always better than one, but the two heads must sync perfectly in order to set up a successful company which will also attract more investors.

Consider the Following 10 Points to Find a Cofounder

Provide “Job Descriptions”: If you are trying to find your co-founder in your spouse, best friend or neighbor and relatives, you might be disappointed. The first step in finding a perfect co-founder is to gain an idea of the strengths and weakness of your business. Then select a person who is going to enhance the strengths and convert the weakness into strengths. Seek help from your investors or other people in a similar business.

Proper Networking: Just as in a case of finding investors, you also need a strong networking to find the perfect co-founder. Business meets, entrepreneurs forums, social networking sites with special groups of entrepreneurs and even local business could be great places to find co-founders.

Cofounder Matches Made In Heaven: Sites like CoFoundersLab, StartupWeekend and StartupAgents are built to make matches of co-founders. You can also produce a blog where you can write about your business so that you can meet people who show interest in your field.

University Entrepreneurs Programs: The University may be a pretty great place to meet a co-founder. The professor’s and student’s heads always have an idea about alums or other entrepreneurs who have similar business interest and can help you in your business ventures.

Make Your Outlook Global: With the world becoming a single unit, it is not wise to look only in your neighborhood for a co-founder. Sometimes your ideal co-founder may belong to a different business culture altogether hailing from a different part of the earth. The social medias play an important role in bringing these kinds of business mates together.

Reunite: Reunion may be a good idea to get a co-founder on board. Suppose you were impressed by the working capability or work ethics of a prior colleague, it may be a good idea to interest him in your new venture to handle the area of his expertise. This way you already know the person and establishing a mental frequency would be an easy job. You even have an idea about how the person works it will be easier for you to lay it out for him.

Relocation: There are reasons why certain business thrives well in some parts of the country and in other parts not so much. Success in business is all about locations. Relocating to a part where the business thrives will increase the perfect chances to find a cofounder.

Common Interests: Defining the common interests of each other outside work is good for business. Having like minds in other aspects of life helps in reaching major decisions with more ease than by having differential mindsets.

Inclusion: Learn to include your cofounder while marking important milestones of business. Also, include him while making major business decisions or signing important deals. Before giving up half your company to another person, make sure you are well acquainted. Knowing your co-founder inside out is absolutely necessary.

Clarify Boundaries: No matter how close you are to your co-founder, a business can have only one boss who will take the ultimate decision on behalf of the company. Make sure you lay the boundaries on who’s the boss.

We hope these points will help you to perfect your search to find a co-founder for your company so that the two of you can grow the business to unbelievable heights.


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